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  • STC 42: Keeps your concentration level high and your conversations even more private

  • ChargeSpot wireless charging to keep your phone charged so you can stay connected

  • Engineered ventilation fan allow continuous air flow while you work

  • Automatic, motion sensor lights keep your energy efficient and out of the dark

  • Built-in power outlets and USB ports ensure your devices stay as charged as you are

  • Automatic, soft-closing door keeps your ideas in, and noisy office discussions out



Zonez 8X4 Conversation Privacy Suites are free-standing modular privacy office booths providing for one or two persons, high levels of visual and acoustical privacy for their conversations in open office environment.  Acoustical privacy levels can be tuned to meet product application and placement needs.  Two STC levels: STC35 and STC42 are available.

Each privacy office booth comes standard with a self-closing storefront glass door, sensor-activated overhead lights and fan, and a built-in 110v outlets with USB charging ports. Options can customize the performance and aesthetics of the 8×4 Conversation Suite, including optional windows or solid walls, image-printing on surfaces, High five video conferencing systems, and Team meeting room booking system and analytics platform.

Zonez suites can be assembled in less than an hour, requires only an electric source, and can be easily disassembled and moved. 


  • All privacy office booths suites are made with recycled materials, which are good for you and good for our planet

  • Plenty of room to add seating and a table for the perfect private conversation

  • Endless custom color and printed rPET options allow you to make each suite your own

  • Fast installation to minimize the disruption

  • Choose your own wall and window configuration to fit your space, needs, and aesthetics

  • Each suite is manufactured in the USA, so you can rest assured, that its quality

  • Class A fire rating for your safety

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