We understand your needs for social distancing barriers in today’s environment. Maintain physical separation while protecting employees in offices and workspaces with custom fit sneeze guards, privacy screens, and dividers for training and classrooms. With our refurbishing process, your business will be fully assembled and ready to use in no time. Let us help you get you back to business with our social distancing products.

Our selection of panel dividers and mobile room dividers can be easily added to any workplace with affordable construction and quick turn-around times for large and small quantities.


Desk Barrier

No installation

No construction

Easy to disinfect

Custom sizes and shapes


Room Separator

Fully assembled

Quick installation

No incurring construction cost

Custom sizes and shapes


Germ Protection


No construction

Fully assembled

Custom sizes and shapes


Sneeze Guards

We can customize sneeze guards to fit your needs. All free standing desktop sneeze guards are completely transparent and easy to clean. We have optional removable stands for easy assembly and disassembly for storage when not needed. A z clip option for fixed mount installations is available on any surface. 

Available options: Acrylic or tempered glass


Desk Dividers

We have a collection of desk dividers for the office that simply just sit on or clamp on to your countertop, desk, or tabletop. We can customize desk dividers to fit your needs. All tabletop shields set up in seconds with no tools required. Our top pics of the best separation panels are in stock and ready to assemble.

Universal Separation Panel Options


Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are the perfect social distancing solution to work optimally. Our assortment of freestanding privacy screens come in customizable sizes to work optimally with your workstation. Our team customizes the perfect social distancing solution to fit your office workspace needs.

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