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  • STC 35: Keep your concentration level high and your conversations private

  • Media wall with built-in mount makes connection via video chat easier than ever

  • Automatic, motion sensor light switch keeps your energy efficient and out of the dark

  • Built-in power outlets and USB ports ensure your devices stay as charged as you are

  • Automatic, soft-closing door keeps your ideas in, and noisy office discussions out



Zonez 8×12 Collaboration Privacy Suites are free-standing conference / meeting rooms for up to eight people providing high levels of visual and acoustical privacy for their conversations.  Each Enclosed Collaboration Suite provides a variety of visual privacy configurations.  Acoustical privacy levels can be tuned to meet product application and placement needs.  Two STC levels: STC35 and STC42 are available.

Each Collaboration Suite comes standard with a full glass wall, transom lights in the opposing wall, and an end wall suitable for supporting meeting room technology.  The entry wall features a self-closing storefront glass door, and each suite includes a 6″ rPET open baffle ceiling.  Performance and aesthetics of our Collaboration Suites can be customized, including window or solid wall options, image-printing on surfaces, the ability to hang cabinetry on walls, High five video conferencing systems, and Team meeting room booking system and analytics platform.

Zonez Collaboration Meeting Conference Room Suites do not include floors or flooring systems and require access to sufficient power to manage typical conference room requirements and equipment.  In many locations, these rooms must be supported by locally-approved fire suppression systems.

Zonez meeting rooms can be assembled in less than a day after staging, requires only an electric source, and can be easily disassembled and moved. 


  • All suites are made with recycled materials, which are good for you and good for our planet

  • Endless custom color and printed rPET options allow you to make each suite your own

  • Array ceiling allows you to add your own lighting to fit your needs

  • Choose your own wall and window configuration to fit your space, needs, and aesthetics

  • Each suite is manufactured in the USA, so you can rest assured that its quality

  • Fast installation to minimize the disruption

  • Class A fire rating for your safety

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